lightnode: New VPS in London, UK, 1 core/2G RAM/50G HDD/1000GB traffic, from $7.71 per month

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LightNode’s new London, UK server room VPS, which has 1 core/2G memory/50G hard drive/1000GB traffic, monthly payment of $7.7, needs to know.

What about LightNode? LightNode is a VPS provider founded in 2002 and based in Hong Kong. In the world has Istanbul, Turkey, Hanoi, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Silicon Valley, Washington, Thailand, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taipei, China, Seoul, South Korea, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Manila, Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, UAE, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Frankfurt, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tokyo, Japan, Sao Paulo, Brazil There are 26 nodes in Cairo, Egypt, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Athens, Greece, and London, UK, with a minimum monthly payment of $7.71 and hourly billing. Support Paypal, PayPal, credit card, and Google pay.

LightNode official website:

VPS package for London, UK.
CPU memory hard disk traffic bandwidth price buy
1 Core 2G 50G 1000G 100M $7.71/month ($0.012/hour) Direct
2 Core 4G 50G 2000G 100M $14.70/month($ 0.022/hour) Direct
4 Core 8G 50G 2000G 100M $30.90/month($ 0.046/hour) Direct
8 Core 16G 50G 2000G 100M $57.69/month($0.086/hour) Direct
8 Core 32G 50G 2000G 100M $81.69/month ($0.122/hour) Direct
16 Core 32G 50G 2000G 100M $105.69/month($ 0.158/hour) Direct

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