KING SERVERS: US VPS (Los Angeles)/Russia/Netherlands, as low as $4.6/month, 2G RAM/2 cores/60GNVMe/unlimited traffic

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Merchant Introduction
king servers, a Russian server provider established in 2006, mainly operates VPS, dedicated servers (including GPU servers), with optional data centres in Russia (Moscow), the United States (Los Angeles), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and supports a variety of payment methods, including PayPal. The official website supports Russian and English, so it’s easy to switch! Recommended kingservers VPS business, the configuration is relatively high, the price is relatively low, belong to the relatively high appearance cost, was also established a long time!

Official website:

Merchant Products
KVM virtualization, pure NVMe array, single VPS gives 100Mbps bandwidth; unlimited traffic comes with one IPv4; optional Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Moscow data centres.

Memory CPU NVMe Price Buy
2G 1 core 25G $4/month Buy Link
2G 2-core 60G $4.6/month Buy link
4G 4-core 120G $8.3/month Buy link
8G 6-core 160G $10.6/month Buy Links
16G 8 core 200G $19/month Buy link
32G 16 core 300G $35.6/month Buy link
64G 32 core 600G $65/month Buy Link

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