iWebFusion: US room dedicated server, 1-10Gbps bandwidth server from $49/month, 1 core/4G memory VPS from $9.38/month

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How about iWebFusion? IWebFusion (or iWFHosting) is an old foreign business H4Y’s site, a foreign hosting provider since 2001, offering products including VPS and dedicated server rentals. The data center can choose the United States of America, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Bend, Monticello, etc. The merchant offers a high host configuration, where the VPS host starts with a minimum of 4GB of memory, the independent server bandwidth from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, the minimum E3 + 16G memory from $49 per month, high-end machines can provide 40+ core CPU and 384GB+ memory.

VPS and dedicated servers are available in multiple server rooms; place an order to pay attention to the choice, the default random, domestic advice to choose Los Angeles Optum or Psychz, where Optum is what we said before Peer1, the host supports the installation of Linux or Windows operating system, support the use of PayPal payment. Merchant member center has opened the anti-fraud system; please do not use the agent address or random information registration, the first order manual audit.

iWebFusion official website.

VPS packages.
CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic Bandwidth IPv4 Price Buy
1 Core 4GB 30GB 2TB/month 1Gbps 1pc $9.38/month Link
2 Core 8GB 50GB 2.5TB/month 1Gbps 2 for $18.99/month Link
2 Core 16GB 100GB 5TB/month 1Gbps 3 for $34.99/month Link
4 Core 16GB 150GB 8TB/month 1Gbps 4 for $45.99/month Link
6-core 24GB 300GB 15TB/month 1Gbps 5 for $64.99/month Link

1Gbps Dedicated Server
CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic IPv4 Price Buy
E3-1230v3 16GB 250GB(SSD) 10TB/1Gbps 5 for $49/month Link
Dual L5520 32GB 500GB(SSD) 10TB/1Gbps 5pcs $58/month Link
E3-1270v5 64GB 500GB(SSD) 15TB/1Gbps 5pcs $85/month Link
Dual E5-2670 128GB 500GB(SSD) 20TB/1Gbps 5 for $99/month Link
E5-2667v3 64GB 500GB(SSD) 15TB/1Gbps 5 for $99/month Link
E5-2697v3 64GB 500GB(SSD) 15TB/1Gbps 5 for $109/month Link
Dual E5-2680v2 192GB 1TB(SSD) 20TB/1Gbps 5 for $115/month Link
Dual E5-2697v3 256GB 1TB(NVMe) 25TB/1Gbps 5 for $168/month Link
Quad E5-4650v2 256GB 2TB(SSD) 30TB/1Gbps 5 for $179/month Link
Dual E5-2699v3 384GB 1TB(NVMe) 25TB/1Gbps 5 for $219/month Link

10Gbps Dedicated Server
CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic IPv4 Price Buy
E3-1230v3 16GB 250GB(SSD) 150TB/10Gbps 5 for $149/month Link
Dual E5-2697v3 192GB 500GB(SSD) 150TB/10Gbps 5pcs $279/month Link
4 Core 16GB 100GB(Distributed Storage) 150TB/10Gbps 5 for $149/month Link

Network test IP. (Los Angeles Psychz) Angeles Aptum) (Bend, Oregon) (North Carolina) (Monticello)

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