HawkHost: US web hosting, from $2.24/month, VPS cloud server, from $3.25/month

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HawkHost is a well-known American IDC business, directly called Hawk Host, which was founded in 2004, many users, it is a very reliable business and the main business products for web hosting, distribution hosting, cloud servers, etc., data centres in the United States, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, Canada, the Netherlands The web hosting products are relatively cheap, I believe that many friends have also used, today to share with you the 2022 HawkHost coupon code. The merchant supports Paypal, PAYPAL and credit card payments.

If there are no special holiday promotions on the premise that we need to buy HawkHost, you can enjoy a monthly minimum of 35% OFF hosting promotions, but each month the coupon code is different; we need to find the latest information on the current activities available before buying. This article will be synchronized to share information from the official offers we can refer to; the most direct is to save money.

HawkHost official website.

Promo Code.
First, 35% off web hosting.

Promo Code: Hawkhost50

Offer Description: 35% off new purchase of any web hosting solution, not available for renewal, maximum time can be purchased for 2 years, there are Primary and Professional 2 solutions to choose from.

Second, 30% discount on shared servers.

Promo Code: whtsdv7

Offer description: 30% off any order for a new server purchase, not available for renewal.

Third, the Reseller distribution host is 25% off

Promo Code: rOctober2022

Offer Description: 25% off any new purchase of Reseller distribution hosting, not available for renewal.

Fourth, 25% off VPS

Coupon code: vpsOctober2022

Offer Description: Any new purchase of a VPS server can be discounted by 25% and is not available for renewal.

Cloud Server Package
CPU memory hard disk traffic price buy
1 Core 1 GB 30G SSD 2 TB $5.00/month Link
1 Core 2 GB 55G SSD 4 TB $10.00/month Link
2 Core 4 GB 85G SSD 5 TB $20.00/month Link
4 Core 8 GB 165G SSD 6 TB $40.00/month Link
6 Core 16 GB 325G SSD 8 TB $80.00/month Link
8 Core 32 GB 650G SSD 16 TB $160.00/month Link
Newbie web admins use the same rarely, only the kind of IDC business, buy reseller hosting, and then distribute small space for other users to use. For example, we often see a lot of individuals selling space, most of them are purchased reseller host distribution use.

Eagle hosting products are one of the most used web hosting products. It can be used for personal blogs, corporate websites, and foreign trade websites. Especially as overseas host products, the price has a significant advantage, followed by more relaxed content; many sites with unique content can also be placed on it and will not be affected, which is generally what web hosting providers can not do.

Test IP
Los Angeles:
Hong Kong Softlayer:
Singapore Softlayer:
New York:

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