desivps: $8/month, Los Angeles/The Hague Windows VPS, 2G RAM/1 core/30g NVMe/2.5T traffic, free IP change once a month

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The latest rough information from dedivps shows that it has deliberately released 3 Windows server 2012 VPS: default access 1Gbps bandwidth, NVMe SSD, two data centers to choose from in Los Angeles, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands, and support free IP change once a month. support credit card, PayPal, Alipay Payment

Official website:

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Service Promotion
KVM virtualization, pure NVMe SSD, support for multiple systems including Windows server 2012, 1Gbps bandwidth, docker/custom ISO support, 2 IPv4 for both 4G and 6G RAM VPS, Los Angeles/The Hague

Memory CPU NVMe Traffic Price Buy
2G 1 core 30G 2.5T/month $8/month Link
4G 2-core 60G 5.0T/month $16/month Link
6G 3-core 90G 7.5T/month $24/month Link

Additional Promotions
KVM Virtual, Pure SSD, Linux, 1Gbps Bandwidth, Los Angeles/The Hague

Memory CPU SSD Traffic IP Price Buy
1.5G 1 core 20G 2.0T/month 1 for $20/year Link
3G 2-core 40G 4.0T/month 2 for $40/year Link
4.5G 2-core 60G 6.0T/month 3 for $60/year Link
6G 3-core 80G 8.0T/month 4 for $80/year Link

Server Room Test
The United States. Los Angeles:
The Netherlands. The Hague:

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