CMIVPS 60% off monthly payment 50% off annual payment promotion US VPS, 1Gbps bandwidth @ Seattle high defense AS4837 optimized line, free 20Gbps defense, $4.08/month onwards

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CMIVPS this month for the United States Seattle VPS to provide a limited number of special discount codes, 60% off the monthly payment or 50% off the annual payment, the machine AS4837 line optimization, 1Gbps bandwidth, using NVMe SSD hard disk, the default includes free 20Gbps defense (up to 200Gbps upgradeable), after the discount minimum 1G memory package monthly payment from $ 4.08. CMIVPS merchants The coupon codes are permanent discounts, and renewals are available at the same price. The monthly and annual coupon codes are limited to 50 and 30 times, respectively, while supplies last.

CMIVPS is a foreign hosting service provider established in 2019, providing VPS hosting, dedicated server rentals, etc. The data centers are Hong Kong, China, Seattle, the USA, etc. VPS hosting is based on KVM architecture, traffic is calculated only by uplink, and the highest optional 1Gbps bandwidth does not limit traffic.

cmivps official website:

CMIVPS Coupon Code: CMIVPS-USA6 (60% off monthly payment) CMIVPS-USA5 (50% off annual payment)

CMIVPS test IP: Download test

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