BlackFridayAdvanceBuy #CloudCone: LA mc room vps, 2 core/1G memory/30G SSD hard drive/3TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from only $16.79/year

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CloudCone family offers are constant, recently lined with Black Friday offers before the arrival of a wave of promotions, including 2 cores / 1G memory / 30G SSD hard disk / 3TB traffic / 1Gbps bandwidth, only $16.79 / year, the need to look around.

How about CloudCone? CloudCone is good?CloudCone, a more active host provider, mainly provides Los Angeles MC VPS and solo service; its VPS is based on KVM, features hourly billing, and can be deleted and rebuilt at any time for IP replacement. Free AnyCast DNS includes 3 IPv6; support Paypal and Alipay payment; when you buy, first register, then backend recharge, then purchase. You can delete and refund the machine within 7 days of purchase, and you will not be able to refund after 7 days.

Official website

Special Package
Los Angeles MC server room, free 3 IPv6, 1 IPv4, KVM virtual architecture

CPU memory SSD traffic price buy
2 Core 1 GB 30 GB RAID-10 3TB/month @ 1Gbps $16.79/year Link
2 Core 2 GB 80 GB RAID-10 6TB/month @ 1Gbps $29.25/year Link
3 Core 4 GB 160 GB RAID-10 8TB/month @ 1Gbps $54.53/year Link
4 Core 8 GB 320 GB RAID-10 8TB/month @ 1Gbps $104.99/year Link
8 Core 16 GB 650 GB RAID-10 10TB/month @ 1Gbps $210.00/year Link
16 Core 32 GB 1024 GB RAID-10 10TB/month@1Gbps $390.00/year Link

Test IP:
Download test:

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