BGPTO: Japan/Singapore Server Room Cheap Server, E3-1230v3/16GB RAM/480G SSD Hard Drive/Unlimited Traffic/10-100M Bandwidth, $64/month

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BGP.TO for Japan and Singapore server room E3 dedicated server to provide 65% off discount code, after the lowest monthly discount from $ 64, the webmaster is still valid for testing. The Japanese server room has access to the SoftBank line and the Singapore CN2 GIA + BGP line, with the good access speed, so you can watch if you need to.

How about BGPTO, BGPTO is a foreign independent server sales site established in 2017, mainly to provide server rental business including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles, our own hardware and IP network resources, support credit card, PayPal, Alipay payment, renewal of the same price.

BGPTO official website.

Promo Code.

Discount Package.
Server support in the background reinstallation, reboot, and other operations, no manual intervention! 4-24 hours delivery!

server room CPU memory hard disk bandwidth traffic ipv4 price buy
Singapore E3-1230v3 16GB 480GB SSD 10M unlimited traffic /29(5pcs) 64.35/month Link
Japan E3-1230v3 8GB 2TB HDD 20M unlimited traffic or 3TB/100Mbps /29(5pcs) 64.35/month Link
Network test.
Japan :

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