Aquatis: US vps promotion, 2 core 8G/20GB NVMe/1TB traffic/1Gbps/free daily backup/400Gbps DDOS protection/$6/month

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Merchant Introduction
Aquatis is promoting its own Tampa, Florida server room with Intel Xeon E5v2 series processor, DDR3 memory, 2x 1 TB NVMe SSD, 1Gbps uplink. All KVM virtualization, is also considered high-security VPS and large memory VPS, the only pity is that Tampa in the eastern United States, to Europe speed, is good, and the speed to China is very general.

Aquatis official website
Aquatis is a US server merchant established in 2016, mainly engaged in Minecraft game servers, KVM VPS, large memory KVM VPS, and cPanel web hosting business in Tampa, Florida, USA server room.

Aquatis USA VPS, Tampa, Florida server room, all KVM virtualization, free daily backup, not expensive for those who need large memory VPS.

CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic Bandwidth IPv4 Price
2 Core 8G 20GB NVMe 1TB 1Gbps 1pc $6/month
2 core 16G 40GB NVMe 2TB 1Gbps 1pc $12/month
2 Core 24G 60GB NVMe 3TB 1Gbps 1 for $18/month
4 Core 32G 80GB NVMe 4TB 1Gbps 1 for $24/month
4 Core 40G 100GB NVMe 5TB 1Gbps 1 for $30/month
4 Core 48G 120GB NVMe 6TB 1Gbps 1 for $36/month

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The server is also a machine, not diligent backup is extremely irresponsible to their performance, please maintain good backup habits.

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